My name is Lorenzo Stella and I’m based in Italy.
I'm currently working at Doyensec as an Application Security Engineer where I help companies craft secure code, providing high quality security audits, vulnerability assessments and penetration tests (VA/PT) on web applications and infrastructures. Previously I worked at one of the Big Four consulting companies in the Information Risk Management field. I also worked as an Application Security Architect for two anti-theft systems companies. I completed my Computer Systems and Network Security degree at the University of Milan (SSRI) in 2018, while freelancing as a full-stack web developer for startups and companies. I am a member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), OWASP Italian Chapter and of the CTF team 'JBZ' and 'PequalsNP'. In am also an italian translator and reviewer for thenounproject and reddit.

I love going to conferences and I regularly attend HackInBo, ITASEC, HackMeeting and Codemotion Milan.

I am an infosec enthusiast, a pentester and an all-around curious person. I am always fond of learning and exploring new ideas to exploit security vulnerabilities in applications and systems. That’s also where my desire to make the most out of a project comes from. I fundamentally believe that we are what we repeatedly do. Only in this way excellence can become not an act, but a habit.


Personal E-Mail: lorenzo.stl@gmail.com
PGP: 76CD D69E 3167 D4CA

Work E-Mail: lorenzo@doyensec.com
PGP: 421D 2857 33DC A19C

Drop me a line if you've got any request or question.

Past Research and Articles

While the majority of my research work is kept private, here's a collection of public resources in no particular order: