The Project

  • Revamp Movies


For my graduation project in high school I had carte blanche. Talking with Giulio Perin, a classmate, we came out with Revamp.
Revamp was developed as a complete platform to watch, share and rate historical and independent italian films. Together we designed and built the application that later gained popularity via reddit for a bit.

The Challenge

There was the need to come up with a way to effectively displaying our film library. Letting myself be inspired by the clear-cut UI of Netflix and Hulu, I came out with a responsive grid system based on Isotope.js.

Our Approach

We decided to build the whole website as a single page js app, relying on an RESTful API written with Laravel. In designing the frontend interface we took into account the 66 design tips by GoodUI.

"A Good User Interface has high conversion rates and is easy to use."

Our work was later made open-source and now its codebase is publicly available on Github.