The Project

  • Web Framework


During the summer of 2013 I was an intern at Citrus Suite in Liverpool, UK. They are a creative design studio producing mobile apps for globally known clients.
"We create award winning apps, digital tools and toys to entertain, engage and empower. We have a keen interest in gamification, data visualisation, mHealth and innovations that help businesses improve efficiency."

The Challenge

Citrus Suite needed an API to call to post votes and comments about the app. This API provides a simple way for mobile apps developers to save surveys and display/manage them in a dashboard.


The API is RESTful, accepting JSON requests, and includes an administration dashboard. It's written in Java (backend) and Scala (frontend), storing data in MySQL using Play framework 2.1.0.

The biggest challenge was to find an effective way to show big data, to visualize them in the most effective way. This was achieved with jChartFX, a data visualization library for HTML5, jQuery and Javascript.